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 Nitro's House

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PostSubject: Nitro's House   Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:22 pm

It's small and cramped and i painted it orange with a black roof because those colors are da bomb.
Inside well my bed is...a hamock. then a kitchen a bathroom and a small Tv with my Wii over there. Then i keep other crap like tools and stuff in my closet.
Outside i gotta huge field because im huge on crop growing, i have two dog houses for my two dogs and i got a small coop and a small barn that came with the place. There's a few plots for trees to make an orchird but i havent started on that, i get water from the river to the left and well i need to build some kind of irigation system so i dont have to make a million trips to the river and back.

Don't sneak up on me while i'm working, i get paranoid and if you do that you'll probbaly end up with a pitchfork through your skull on accident.
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Nitro's House
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