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 Anna's Profile (you are supposed to make one of these right??)

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PostSubject: Anna's Profile (you are supposed to make one of these right??)   Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:49 pm

Name: Anna
Spouse: ---
Hair Color: Blonde/brown
Eye color: Blue/Green
Job: Farmer! (hehehee)
Pets: White cat called Spencer
Family: Lumina (3rd cousin, twice removed) Daisy (sister)
Dream: To have watched all the good anime in the world!
Hometown: A town. That is my home.
Height: 5ft 2
Weight: 6.4 stone
Personality: funny, crazy, kind, short tempered
Likes: Anime
Dislikes: Mushrooms

Favorite: Warm Milk
Loves: Chocolate Cake, Egg over Rice, Diamond
Likes: All food except ones that contain Mushrooms, Omelet
Dislikes:Fish, Mushroom, Raisen Bread, Bird feed, fodder.
Horror: Mushroom Rice

Gift responses
Favorite: "You.. to me?! Thanks!" (Blushes)
Loves: "Thank youu! " (very Happy)
Likes: Thanks!" (Smiles)
Dislikes: "...Thanks? Oh no, its not that i hate it or anyting..." (Annoyed face)
Horror: "................................Did something to... upset you? or anything?" (very sad face..)

Very Happy

*edit, put age 17 instead of 16 ^^)
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Anna's Profile (you are supposed to make one of these right??)
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