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 Wtf Pineapples

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Wtf Pineapples Empty
PostSubject: Wtf Pineapples   Wtf Pineapples EmptySat Sep 25, 2010 12:43 am

My Pinapples use to be worth like 3k...

Now i go to the bazaar, they are super fresh amnd same quality they have been but now there 110G WTF?

I dunno if this helps it happend after i hit 100%

Also Sakki why wont my signature appear o_o, FAQ says hit add aignature but i dont see that anywhere and i have that box cheaked on my profile (Sorry theres no topic for forum problems)

NEW: Ypou can;t even wrap the dud crops o.o

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Wtf Pineapples
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