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A harvest Moon role play community. You can marry each other or a NPC (first come first serve) or play it single.
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 NPC Marriage Dibs

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NPC Marriage Dibs Empty
PostSubject: NPC Marriage Dibs   NPC Marriage Dibs EmptyFri Jul 23, 2010 12:46 pm

Anyone on here is married to a character that belongs to Marvelous inc and still follows the rules of marriage. These people are the only one who can write their spouse. However, you may ask if you can write them and if they say yes, you can but ONLY in the RP you asked.

Sakki: Amir (Grand Bazaar)
Kandi: Angelo (Grand Bazaar)
Nitro Zem: Won(MFOMT)
Queeealing: Dirk
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NPC Marriage Dibs
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