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 Nitro's Profile

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PostSubject: Nitro's Profile   Nitro's Profile EmptyFri Jul 23, 2010 6:17 pm

Name: Nitro Zem
Age: 18
Spouse: Won(MFOMT)
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Job: Computer Technicion/Farmer
Pets: Two Dogs named Zam and Bobo
Family: None
Dream: To be an Epic Gamer
Hometown: Sunshine Islands
Height: 5'9
Weight: 130lbs
Personality: Paranoid, Sarcastic, Weird, Kind,
Likes: Sweets and Fish
Dislikes: Bugs and Spicy Food

Favorite: Party Chocolate Cake
Loves: Any Sweets, Any Fruits
Likes: Mushrooms, Fish, Alcohol, Vegetables
Dislikes: Bell Peppers, Flowers
Hates: Bugs
Horror: Dirt Grasshopper


Reciving Chocolate Cake
"Holy Crud, I love chocolate cake! Thanks so Much!"

Loved Gift
"Wow this is Epic Thanks"

Liked Gift
"Thanks this is a nice gift"


"Not a fan of this"

"You know i try to avoid things like this so NO"

"Ew! No Keep ot away!"

Liked Animals
Dogs "I love dog's!"
Cows "Nice Cow"
Chickens "Chickens amuse me, i like um"
Sheep "Sheep's are peaceful they make me wanna just take a nap"
monkeys "Monkeys are awesome i wish i could have it as a pet"
Horse's "Good lookin Horse looks strong and friendly"

Disliked Animals
Birds "Keep those off my field"
Rabbits "They eat my carrots every fall"
Mice "EEEK"
Alpaca's "Make sure that thing dosn't spit on me"
Cats "Ugh i hate Cats...Bad expierence keep it away please..."

-I intend on drawing his expressions later xD-
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Nitro's Profile
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